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CDP-choline, also known as cytidine diphosphate choline, is naturally occurring alkaloid and a prodrug for choline. It is a metabolic Read more.
17.50 $CAD175.00 $CAD
Palmatine is a protoberberine alkaloid which occurs naturally in plants of the Berberis genus. It is structurally similar to berberine, Read more.
7.50 $CAD60.00 $CAD
L-aceglutamide, also known as N-acetyl-L-glutamine or neuramina, is an amino acid and synthetic analog of L-theanine, L-glutamine and L-glutamic acid. Read more.
12.50 $CAD200.00 $CAD
N-propyl-L-tryptophan is an amino acid derivative. It is the N-propyl homologue of L-abrine (N-methyl-L-tryptophan), and is structurally similar to hypaphorine Read more.
25.00 $CAD900.00 $CAD
Alkaloidal Compound Matrine. (Note: all prices are listed in CAD.) Matrine is an alkaloidal compound which occurs naturally in the Read more.
10.00 $CAD320.00 $CAD
Ketanserin is a selective and reversible antagonist of the serotonin, dopamine and adrenergic receptors. It is prescribed as an anti-hypertensive Read more.
15.00 $CAD300.00 $CAD