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Hello everybody, and welcome to our website. Here you will find a novel selection of chemical compounds, including natural products, research chemicals, supplements, nootropics, and more. In our library, you will currently find 60 unique chemicals for which MSDS, purity analysis, and documentation are provided, as well as a small sample of the chemical product as an analytical reference. We also provide custom synthesis for other products not listed upon request.

Some applications of our products include building blocks for chemical synthesis, purity testing with LC-MS or HNMR, analysis with reagent testing (e.g. Marquis, Mecke, Mandelin), and in the chemical industry. We work with a diverse team of licensed laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and researchers abroad to source chemical products for your research or industrial needs.

 The purity of our products has been confirmed by the University of Massachusetts to be of exceptionally high purity (>99%). A quick search on Google Scholar will show we have been cited as a reference numerous times in many published academic papers.


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