Terms and Conditions


The customer hereby agrees to all of the terms and conditions provided by The Indole Shop upon the purchase and final sale of an order placed on our website.

The Indole Shop is a corporate entity that specializes in the retailing and distribution of chemical compounds. We are a reseller and wholesaler of chemical compounds, i.e. research chemicals, which are sold to private researchers, academics and businesses. The products sold on our website are a chemically pure sample of a substance, the composition of which comprises of a single molecule, or a molecular compound (i.e. an ionic solid). Each and every individual product listed in stock is a pure sample of a single chemical, a substance with a defined molecular structure and atomic formula.

The compounds sold on our website are strictly for analytical or forensic laboratory research, and will only be subject to research in safe and proper facilities, and no exception to this term will be permitted. Under no circumstances, our compounds will be considered for human or animal consumption, and no sort of in-vivo testing will occur. In-vitro, laboratory, forensic research, as well as commercial applications in the chemical manufacturing industry, are acceptable. Examples of legally allowed usage of these chemicals include:

  • Reagent kit testing (e.g. Mandelin, Mecke, Ehrlich and Marquis reagents) – color change helps identify the composition of a chemical substance
  • TLC plates (e.g. thin-layer chromatography) – paper chromatography which can be used to analyze the purity of a chemical substance
  • Chemical manufacturing – intermediates and building blocks in organic chemistry


The Indole Shop absolves itself from any liability of harm as a result of improper use of compounds. You agree that by inquiring or making a purchase from The Indole Shop, you have verified the legal status of imported compounds and agree that imported compounds are being tested in legitimate research facilities, and proper safety precautions have been met prior to any communication with The Indole Shop. You agree that in the aforementioned research facility, any potentially harmful research will not take place.

The Indole Shop will refund orders of customers that give any indication that they will not be adhering to the aforementioned terms. Anyone displaying questionable behaviour or is suspected of misuse of compounds will result in a permanent ban from the website.

Though The Indole Shops offers a free shipping option, this option is untracked and therefore we are unable to provide reship services on lost stamp mail orders. We will provide reship at our expense on all lost/undelivered orders shipped via Xpresspost, but not registered airmail. All orders above $200CAD must be shipped via a tracked shipping option. Free stamp mail is only available for orders under $200CAD. The Indole Shop will include free tracked shipping on all CA/international orders $300CAD and over, and for US order $500CAD and over. The shipping provided is expresspost for CA/USA, and registered airmail for all internationals. We cannot guarantee an exact time frame for package delivery but we ensure that all orders are shipped out within a few business days of receiving payment.

Returns are not accepted after orders has gone out for shipping, but orders can be cancelled if we are contacted before shipping has occurred in most circumstances.

By engaging The Indole Shop in any form of communicastion, you understand and agree that you accept these terms and conditions in their entirety.