Q: I paid for an order but have not received a confirmation email/email with tracking, can you send me one?
A: Our emails are typically flagged by spam by most mail service's filters.
It is possible that we sent an email but if ended up in your junk/spam folder. Be sure to check there, and if you don't see it, send us an email on the contact form.

Q: Can I choose Email Money Transfer on the checkout page for sending payment?
A: The payment method Email Money Transfer on the checkout page are typically reserved for Interac e-transfer and Tangerine bank transfer, which are available to Canadian customers only.

For international customers, we can accept payment with Xoom and TransferWise, two popular American payment systems that work with TD. Simply choose International Bank Wire as your payment method on the checkout page, and you will be given all our bank account info needed to send us a transfer or wire.

Q: Where is the best place to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?
A: In our opinion, Local Bitcoins (http://localbitcoins.com) is by far the best website for purchasing or selling coins. Basically it is the eBay of bitcoin, it allows users to make accounts and post their own listings, and you can purchase without without needing to verify ID (that means no passport scan, no ID, no proof of residence/utility bills required). It sources vendors closest to your physical location as well so that you can purchase bitcoin locally.

You can pay for bitcoin at rates more-or-less equal to the exchange rate, using a wide variety of payment methods including PayPal, cash pickup in person (meeting personally with a local vendor), bank deposit (including domestic bank transfers, which do not require a bank account) gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, and more), Western Union/MoneyGram, prepaid Visa, and more. You can also trade for other cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Ethereum, and others.

Q: Can I obtain MSDS or purity analysis for a compound?
A: Yes, just email us on the contact form if it is not available already on the product page.

Q: Is shipping enabled to the US?

For right now, we are enabling shipping to the United States, including expresspost tracking. For snail mail, however, we are no longer offering reships or refunds for packages going to the US. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: Will I need to sign for the package?

A: We no longer require signatures upon delivery of express packages.