The Indole Shop Company

The Indole Shop is a Canada-based company for the MSDS documentation and purity analysis of many different chemical compounds. These started with a variety of indole based organic compounds, but have since branched off into amino acids, mineral salts, nootropics, organic intermediates and chemical building blocks. We supply compounds from esteemed and reputable laboratories.

Here you can buy tryptamines, buy phenethylamines, buy lysergamides, nootropics, and many other items. They are sold as analytical samples to accompany the purity analysis or MSDS sheet.

All batches pass rigorous analysis by a third party for substance identity and purity. We will provide HNMR and/or LCMS spectra at the request of the customer for all compounds. We can also provide any other information upon request. Please fell free to contact us at any time. Just send as a line via Contact Form.

All compounds are strictly for use in an analytical laboratory setting. Even though some of our chemicals have potential medicinal applications they are notĀ for human consumption or in-vivo testing.

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