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L-pyroglutamic acid

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L-pyroglutamic acid is an amino acid which is prevalent in all living organisms. It is not an essential amino acid, as it can be produced endogenously in humans, usually from L-proline or L-glutamate as a dietary source. L-pyroglutamic acid bears the same 2-pyrrolidinone skeletal structure common to drugs of the racetam family, and is structurally related to fasoracetam, which itself is an amide of pyroglutamic acid (L-pyroglutamic acid N,N-piperidide, specifically).

This compound is not for human consumption, and its sale is strictly intended for research purposes only.
Available as the free acid (hydrochloride salt). WARNING: due to this compound being in the free acid form, it is highly acidic. Agricultural application might acidify soil and damage crops. Aqueous solutions of this chemical can approach a pH as low as 1-2. It is recommended that customers neutralize the acid by dissolving the compound with a base. Mixing L-pyroglutamic acid with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) will react to form the sodium L-pyroglutamate (the sodium salt of L-pyroglutamic acid).