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NDTDI, also known as N,N-diethyl-3-(methyl(1,3,4,5-tetrahydrobenzo[cd]indol-4-yl)amino)propanamide, is a tryptamine which is similar in structure to RU-28306 and RU-28251. There is no available published research on NDTDI but its structure resembles that of LSD and lysergamides, with only a tricyclic ring structure instead of the tetracyclic structure common to ergoline. The latter two, RU-28306 and RU-28251 are selective serotonin agonists and D1/D2 agonists. RU-28306 can be seen as the N,N-dimethyl homolog of the series, whereas RU-28251 is the N,N-dipropyl homolog. The structure of NDTDI is the N-methyl-N-(N,N-diethylcarbamyl)ethyl analog.

This compound is available as the oxalate salt. It is NOT intended for human consumption, and is strictly for laboratory reagent or forensic analysis purposes ONLY.