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Alkaloidal Compound Matrine.

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Matrine is an alkaloidal compound which occurs naturally in the plant Sophora flavescens. This plant is used as antipyretic and anti-inflammatory herb employed commonly in traditional Chinese medicines, as well as other species of the Sophora genus. It has application as an antinociceptive in many in vitro and animal studies, with binding affinity to the kappa, mu and delta opioid receptors (it is an agonist). Furthermore, it was effective in mice models as a treatment for neuropathic pain. [1]

In addition, research has indicated matrine as having immunosuppressant [2], antiviral [3] [4], hepatoprotective/antifibrotic [5] [6], cardioprotective/antiarrhythmic [7] [8], antidiarrheal [9], and anticarcinogenic effects. A paper, published by the Ningxia Medical University, concluded that "...consistent with the results of other research groups, a previous study also showed that matrine had fewer side effects and broader indications compared with conventional anticancer drugs." [1]

This alkaloidal compound is also a known antifeedant against the formosan subterranean termite, with an average LD50 of 8.3 micrograms (of matrine hydrochloride) per insect [10]. Entomological studies have shown that it also prevents wood damage in the common types used in furniture and housing. In one study researches observed full protection against termite damage after applying a coating of 5% matrine hydrochloride in water (by weight, e.g. 50 grams matrine hydrochloride per kilogram) on wood. [10] It also has nematicidal effects against the pine wood nematode, which causes the blight known as pine wilt on pine wood [11].

This compound is available as the hydrochloride salt. It is NOT intended for human consumption, and is for laboratory reagent or forensic/analytical purposes ONLY. The intent of its sale is agrochemical and other agricultural research.

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