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Diallyl disulfide


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Diallyl disulfide is a phytochemical, a chemical component of garlic and wasabi, and a major byproduct of allicin (known also as garlicin). It is a yellow, oily liquid with a highly pungent aroma, and a wasabi/garlic taste and smell. It has pesticidal applications in organic farming.

It dilute concentrations of solutions it can be used for the treatment of white rot in onions, garlic, and leek crops, with no unreasonable adverse effects from exposure. It has been suggested that diallyl disulfide potentially has a much wider array of antimicrobial, nematicidal, insecticidal, fungicidal, and other diverse anti-pathogenic activity as well.

Studies on diallyl disulfide usage in crops found that the diallyl disulfide effectively treated pests without remaining in the soil or the crops after exposure. Its efficacy in avoiding unwanted environmental exposure was superior to the organic pesticide cinnamaldehyde by this measure.

For agricultural application it is recommended not to use pure diallyl disulfide, due to its volatility in concentrated form, but rather to dilute it in a solution for usage. This compound is sold in volumetric units of measurement and comes as a liquid in a vial. For reference, the density of this chemical is 1.01 g/mL.


This compound is NOT for human consumption and is available for research purposes only.


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