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Baicalin is a naturally-occurring phenolic flavone isolated from the plant Skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis). It is a monosaccharide of baicalein, and can metabolize into baicalein and glucose. It may have some activity at the GABA receptors, and contributes to the relaxant or sedative effect of skullcap or damiana (Turnera diffusa). It belongs to a class of phytochemicals known as flavones or flavonoids.

Baicalin is weakly active at the GABA receptors but has binding affinity similar to benzodiazepenes. Certain flavone derivatives appear to display more potent or active effects at the GABA receptors. Compared to baicalein, baicalin has lower potency, due to less oral bioavailability and poor absorption.


This compound is NOT intended for human consumption, and is for laboratory reagent or forensic/analytical purposes ONLY. The intent of its sale is agrochemical and other agricultural research.


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