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Lysergamides. 1P-LSD.

1P-LSD (1-propanoyl-LSD) is a novel lysergamide that first arose into prominence in January 2015. It is an N-propanoyl amide of LSD itself. Furthermore, It resembles the indole prodrug structure of ALD-52. Each blotter contains 100 mcg of the compound. It is NOT intended for human consumption, and is strictly for laboratory reagent or forensic analysis purposes ONLY. It is available only as the hemi-tartrate salt.

1P-LSD (as well as other LSD analogs) may have therapeutic and medicinal health benefits when used in clinical human trials, according to researchers. A recent study funded by The Beckley Foundation and Imperial College in London, England became the first ever human study to use 1P-LSD, our top-selling product, as a treatment in psychotherapy (Garner).

In an article published by The Guardian, journalist Rosalind Stone described her experience with 1P-LSD as “my favourite trip […] warmth spreads through you like syrup. Words will be more fun to say. […] It’s difficult to choose what to look at: colours bleed smoke trails beyond edges of objects, like the “fountains of colour” described by LSD discoverer Albert Hofmann in 1943.” (Stone)

A report from Wired Magazine revealed that 1P-LSD is commonly used as a microdosing supplement in Silicon Valley (Solon).

In the year 2015, Vice Magazine awarded 1P-LSD the title of “most innovative drug” of the year (Meulenbeld).


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