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1-acetylindole, CAS 576-15-8, is an aromatic compound which can be used as a chemical precursor in the synthesis of indole alkaloids and other indolic compounds. It is not an alkaloid itself, because it has a net neutral charge. It cannot be protonated because its only amine is aromatic. In dilute concentrations it can carry a fragrant aroma, and is approved in the EU as a flavoring additive under the Food Improvement Agents database [1].

Although there is very little research on 1-acetylindole itself, it is expected to behave as a hydrolytic prodrug in humans for indole. Indole 3-acetic acid, a chemically similar compound, has been demonstrated to have fungicidal activity against crop pathogens and blights [2]. Indole 3-acetic acid (as well as its analogue, indole 3-butyric acid) also demonstrates insecticidal activity against larvae harmful to crops [3].

1-acetylindole can be readily obtained by reacting indole with acetic anhydride, with 3-acetylindole and 1,3-diacetylindole being the major impurities/byproducts [4].

This compound is available as a volatile, low-viscosity, oily liquid with a pungent smell. Available in plastic vials sealed with teflon tape. The density of 1-acetylindole is 1.38 g/mL.

This product is NOT meant for human consumption, it is intended for reagent, analytical, or experimental research purposes ONLY.

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Purity Analysis

HNMR 576-15-8 1-乙酰吲哚 2018.3.23

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