Phenibut is now in stock!

Hello there everyone,

We are pleased to announce our new batch of phenibut has arrived and we have replenished our stock. Orders of up to 250 grams are now currently available. If you would like to buy large quantities, please feel free to contact us directly via email. Thank you!

-The Indole Shop Team

Indoles News

Hey there darlings,

It’s Sandra from The Indole Shop. We’re kicking off Indole News blog for our website where we shall be keeping our lovelies posted with juicy updates. Opa!

We’d like to take some time to introduce a new product to our shelves that will be available within the next two weeks. Baicalin, the glycoside of baicalein, will be soon available for purchase, between the prices of $2.50-0.50 CAD per gram. We will also soon be restocking the 1P-LSD, and the blotter concentration for 1P will be upped to 125 micrograms (for the same price as well).

Some other products we have planned (either new ones or restocks) are as follows:


4-acetoxy-N,N-diethyltryptamine (4-AcO-DET).

4-acetoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (4-AcO-DMT).

4-hydroxy-N,N-ethylpropyltryptamine (4-HO-EPT).

N,N-dipropyltryptamine freebase (DPT).

In the upcoming weeks we will be reducing the price of 4-AcO-DMT and DPT permanently by 15% and 25%, respectively.

Thanks for staying tuned 😉