1P-LSD therapy: in the news and culture

1P-LSD (as well as other LSD analogs) may have therapeutic and medicinal health benefits when used in clinical human trials, according to researchers. A recent study funded by The Beckley Foundation and Imperial College in London, England became the first ever human study to use 1P-LSD, our top-selling product, as a treatment in psychotherapy (Garner).

In an article published by The Guardian, journalist Rosalind Stone described her experience with 1P-LSD as “my favourite trip […] warmth spreads through you like syrup. Words will be more fun to say. […] It’s difficult to choose what to look at: colours bleed smoke trails beyond edges of objects, like the “fountains of colour” described by LSD discoverer Albert Hofmann in 1943.” (Stone)

A report from Wired Magazine revealed that 1P-LSD is commonly used as a microdosing supplement in Silicon Valley (Solon).

In the year 2015, Vice Magazine awarded 1P-LSD the title of “most innovative drug” of the year (Meulenbeld).


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